Look What the Lord has Done!

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My ear had been hurting and keeping me awake for almost two weeks.  I had prayed for it myself and the healing didn’t manifest.  On Wednesday night I went to church and asked Pastor Mark to pray for me and it was healed immediately! — H.P.

I attended the healing service recently.  I have adrenal fatigue and have been exhausted and failing to function properly for the last 10 years with different degrees of failure.  Also, I have had pain in my shoulder for the last 2 years along with knee pain.  As you can see, my body is having some troubles and I am only 31-years-old.

When the call for healing came I went up front.  As Pastor Mark prayed for me my shoulder felt better and my leg stiffness was significantly reduced.  I would not know the extent of the healing on my adrenal glands for a few days.  That evening as I was going to bed I was just praising God and thanking Him for healing me and the work of the cross.  As I started praising him I started feeling a tingling/chill in the areas of my body that I was having pain in and in my core area.  The more I praised the Lord the more I was feeling the tingling/chills.  One of the many signs of being in adrenal fatigue is when you stand up you get dizzy or feel like you are going to faint and sensitivity to light.  The next morning I was moving around and going from a sitting to standing and I didn’t feel dizzy or like I was going to faint.


My jaw was hurting and popping every time I would open or close it.  Very strange!  Pastor laid hands on me after service and the very next day, no pain!  No popping!  No soreness!  Healed and whole!  Amen. — J.V.

I was raised Roman Catholic and had what I thought was a good relationship with the Lord.  I remember Pastor Mark stating, “Come to church expecting that God will be here, and things will change in your life.”  My life has changed.  I am healthy, have a much better outlook on life, I don’t worry like I used to, and work seems easier.  Thank the Lord for He is guiding me. Now I look forward to Wednesdays and Sundays because every time I come to Life Church the Lord is dealing with me.  I feel closer to the Lord now than I ever have, I think partly because I come expecting.  Praise God for being patient with me. — K.B.

I attended a healing meeting last night.  It was exciting!  There were many people healed and my faith grew!  I was truly amazed and so thankful that I was healed instantly!  My back was so bad that I could not be without pain unless I would lie down and rest.  The pain would radiate into my arms and legs.  I also had an issue with my sinuses, throat, and ears.  The second hands were laid on me I felt the pain leave my body, almost like water.  It drained down my legs and went out the bottom of my feet.  I was so surprised that I almost forgot I had another problem.  When I went back to my seat, there was a pop, and then the same draining feeling came over me but it was draining out of my ear!  I was truly amazed by then.  I praised God for the healing I received!  Thank you, Pastor Mark, for being a tool in God’s hands, providing healing to those of us who need it! — W.B.

I approached the front after a service with my daughter and was prayed over for healing.  At that time I was taking 7 to 8 different medications.  I was taking medications for Depression, Migraines (two different types), Allergy (two different types), Panic Attacks, plus medicine for back pain.  Since then I have not taken any of those medications.  Praise the Lord, He is my Healer. — K.B.

It has been an entire year since I have been saved. When the Lord brought me to Life Church I had no home, no money, and no hope of happiness. I wish I could say it has been a hard road to a better life, just so it does not sound like a fairy tale, but Praise the Lord, I accepted Jesus into my life and a million tons of sin was instantaneously lifted off of me. The next week I was water baptized, and once again a million tons of sin instantly washed off  me. By this time I was beside myself and thought, WOW, I better take another step and be Spirit filled!  Praise the Lord, by this time the Lord had my full and undivided attention. Life was just literally falling into place. From no home to a wonderful place that is home; from no money to more than I could have ever thought; all is paid for and more and more comes each day.  Praise the Lord!  I have recently found that I have a great hope for happiness and, like Cinderella, I have the glass shoe and it fits her perfectly!  Praise the Lord!  I have my eyes opened, never to shut them again, always to live for the Lord and Praise Him.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, Almighty!  Amen. — L.C.

Thank you for Sunday’s televised program, because now I understand that I did not need to experience twelve alter calls in order to assure my salvation and my soothe my spirit and soul…Thank you and bless you for your tremendous ministry.

Just wanted you to know that Monday morning I went in for a diagnostic mammogram and everything is clear and I am cancer free!!!! Also…I went all day yesterday with no back pain, first time in 3 weeks. God is so good!

We have been blessed with a new car. Not only did we receive the car but God completed the blessing by giving us the money to pay for the registration. The money came in the same day but from a different source. It was all truly a miracle.

The middle of August I started feeling ill. I was having dizzy spells, headaches, nausea, numbness in my hands and feet, blurred vision, weakness, muscle aches, and more. After six weeks of this I decided to call a doctor. They first ordered an MRI and MRA to test for MS and brain tumors. They found a small spot so they ordered another MRI with contrast and found nothing. No MS. No tumor. They did blood tests and found nothing. These appointments were over a period of six weeks. Last Sunday we were sitting in church and Pastor Mark was saying that we don’t need to take everything upon ourselves. We should give it to the Lord first. He will provide. Right then I started praying. For the first time I truly understood faith. I now feel great. I have continued to put everything in the Lord’s hand and I know it will be fine.

Just wanted to let you know your TV Ministry is doing great things. My husband prayed for the first time 4 weeks ago with you after watching your program and excepted Christ. WOW! For whatever reason, he said salvation had never been explained to him in the way that you had presented it and that made the difference.

My son is almost one years old. At the last healing meeting I went up for/with him because he had just developed a cold while teething and he couldn’t breathe enough to nurse — he was miserable and so were all of us (mom and dad). That night, after he was prayed over and taken back to the nursery, everyone in there noticed a difference right away. He slept good and he hasn’t had any trouble breathing/eating anymore! God cares about ALL aspects of our lives.

Even though I am only getting a small disability check, I began tithing and giving over that when I received it. The Lord literally delivered to my door a nice van and made all the financial arrangements for me. God is so good. He knows what we need and when to provide it!

I was prayed for today for pain and neck injury. It is already better and I can raise my left arm without so much pain. Glory to God!

We give God the praise and glory. We have been blessed with a new washer and dryer that works great and runs quietly. Now our clothes are dry and no more squeaks! He truly is the God of more than enough.