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My husband and I visited the church the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We went forward for healing from food allergies. God healed us from allergies to gluten, dairy products, garlic, onions, tree nuts (for my husband), pineapple, bananas, kidney beans, green beans and mushrooms. Before the healing, we were seeking assistance through a chiropractor that would've cost us a lot of money and time. After going through a few treatments, I called out to God and said, "I want to give You the glory for this healing!" It was shortly after that prayer that we visited Life Church and were healed. My husband also was healed in his eyes and we had not even prayed for that. He had just seen an eye doctor and been told that he needed to get bifocals for the first time in his life. After the prayer, he could see more clearly than he had in months. Right after our healing, we were encouraged by a church member to go out and eat the things we had been allergic to, in order to prove that we had faith in what God had done. We were so excited — we went right over to get some food. We picked up two sandwiches and ate them joyfully. We had some of the best Thanksgiving and holiday food that we've had in years. To this day, we walk in faith and enjoy the bountiful food God has given. We also are excited partners of Life Church, and we share this message of our healing with anyone whenever we can. What has been amazing is that my co-workers sometimes share the news of my healing with others — and they don't even know Jesus … yet.

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