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2016 Expansion

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God is amazing and has blessed me time and time again with His abundance of love for me, us — well, everyone! I asked a year ago this month for God to reveal Himself to me, and — well, long story short — He did. I was born again, which trust me was a miracle in itself. My eyesight came back in full color and strength after battling multiple sclerosis. We also were blessed with my husband finding a job after being employed only part time for months and struggling with finances. We met some inspirational people along the way who kept us looking ahead to God’s grace and love for us; which led us to last Sunday’s service, where our 24-year-old daughter was born again right here and has begun her journey with the Lord! God has led us to all of you wonderful people who make up this church, and the love and commitment to prayer that you all demonstrate has changed our lives forever.

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Holy Spirit

October 23, 2016 9:30 am

This class will teach you about the Holy Spirit and all we have as Christians.

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All Church Bible Reading

This Week: Hebrews 3 - Hebrews 7