Sundays 9:30 | 11:15 | 1:00 Wednesdays 7 p.m. 3225 E Commercial Ct, Meridian, ID 83642


We get together each week to celebrate the good things God has done for us. There is a genuine and, at times, tangible presence of God that fills our church services bringing great benefit to all who experience it. You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as a dynamic and challenging message. Come expecting to encounter God and be excited about what is about to happen! We believe He wants to do something amazing in your life.


I have to share with you what happened to me at the end of 2nd service on Sunday. The middle of my back & shoulder area had been hurting for days. While in service I tried to hit my back against the chair for relief without any luck. I bent over and told my husband I needed to go to a chiropractor. Ten minutes later Pastor Mark had a word of knowledge about a back problem in the middle of the back and even mentioned a chiropractor. I received that word! Immediately there was no more pain and still to this day I am pain free. AMAZING!

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