Worship & Media


What's Available?


What's Your Mission?


As a ministry it's our goal and mission to help and allow you to grow in your God given gifts and talents. We're always looking to expand our team to do more for God's Kingdom.


What's the teams focus?


Our number one priority as a Worship and Media Ministry is the presence of God. We aren't looking to have another worship service, but a service where we experience God's presence.


What are the Requirements to Get Involved?


1. Go to our Welcome & Connect Lunch (2 sessions about 1 hr 15 min each) 2. Have an audition with the Worship Pastor 3. Live a godly lifestyle. 4. Learn your parts.


What about Rehearsals?


We value everyone's time and do not have weekday rehearsals. All information is sent out for each person to practice the services in their own time. We get together as a team prior to service and do a run through of what was sent out the week prior. Our main requirement is that each person learns his/her parts to each song and to be ready for the day they're scheduled (this also includes our Media Team).


What does the audition look like?


Because we don't have a midweek rehearsal, we need to be sure that anyone joining the team is able to learn songs in their own time. You will be sent 2 songs to perform in front of the Worship Pastor whenever you're ready. This will be judged based off of how well the songs were played to what was sent, stage presence, attitude, etc.


What if I want more information?


Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.