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Healing Messages

Ready with an Answer

Because God has given all believers the ministry of reconciliation – that is, the
message that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself – we should all be
prepared to answer and even defend the hope that is in us. We should know why we
believe what we believe and be able to logically and articulately explain why we are
the way we are and do what we do. People often don’t even know the real problem and
so cannot ask the right questions. This series will give you some of the tools you
need to be ready with answers.

Born For This

What if you lost all memories? What would it be like to walk around not knowing who
you are or why you exist? Many live this way concerning their true identity. The
knowledge of who we are, what we have and what we can do are vital to a life of
meaning and purpose. This series will help you to navigate these questions as well
as prepare you for the final judgement.

Why Pray?

One of the most basic practices of the Christian life is prayer – communication with
God. If viewed as optional, many will relegate it to a place of convenience in their
lives or just participate while attending a church service. But, what if many of our
victories or lack there of are directly tied to the success of our prayer lives?
What if we don’t even know how to pray effectively? What if our prayer lives are
just so puny that not much that needs to get done ever does? This teaching will give
you many of the reasons why we need to be skilled at this basic practice and also
some how-to’s of effective prayer.

Give It To God

One of the hallmarks of the believer’s life is that what matters to God matters to
us. If He says something is important, we agree with Him. The moment we gain
understanding, our priorities in life change. This series is based on the scripture
in 1 Peter 2:5 which states, “you also, as living stones, are being built up a
spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to
God through Jesus Christ.” From this basis, we need to understand which offerings
are acceptable to God and which are not. Included in this teaching are motives of
the heart and the various types of offerings that can be given to the Lord.


Christians were created (or recreated) not to blend in and look like the world but rather to stand out. Just as light and darkness are complete opposites, we are defined as light in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. When we stand out and refuse to compromise, God stands with us and can be seen through us.

Matters of the Heart

Why do people do the things they do? Why do they make the choices they make? While many focus on the external elements of life, the answer is found in Proverbs 4:23. Whatever the heart contains an abundance of will be the future of a person. This teaching deals with certain types of heart conditions as well as the process of altering its contents.

Marriage Matters

Marriage is God’s plan. What you know experientially may fall short of what God intended but the union of a man and woman still has the potential to be great. In this series, Pastor Mark and Amy discuss four vital aspects of a healthy marriage: Commitment, Cooperation, Communication, and Common Sense.


There is God’s part and there is our response to it. Many become satisfied with knowing something but don’t recognize that everything God gives us is intended to be used. This includes what He reveals to us (truth), gives us (ability, money), assigns to us (callings, commands, plans), and does (Move of His Spirit). This series will teach you how to correctly respond to God.

Faith and Fellowship

There is a direct correlation in the lives of all great men and women of faith between having a knowledge of God’s will and enjoying rich fellowship with Him. There are both the principles of the Kingdom and also the person – or the king of the kingdom. We need both and cannot fully live the life of faith without them.

Last Days Survival Guide

The word of God proclaims that many troublesome events will take place in the last days and especially those days preceding the Lord’s return. We are told of people departing from the faith, earthquakes, famines and more. The good news is that whatever happens around us, God did not appoint us to wrath. We can and will be protected and kept by the Lord. This series will teach you why some will fall away, how to stand strong, remain faithful, and take advantage of God’s protection in turbulent times.


Totally Righteous

Many Christians today believe that they are sinners. They have no revelation of their new nature in Christ. There is a quality of being that is know as “the righteousness of God” that not only grants access to heaven but, when known, produces a life of greater enjoyment and effectiveness. This legal standing with God removes fear and a reliance upon oneself to become acceptable. This series will show not only what righteousness is but how to receive and live it. It will dispel the myth that saved people still have a “sin nature” to deal with everyday, enabling them to walk in freedom from sin.
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Let’s Get Together

The early church placed high priority after salvation on continued participation with other believers. They devoted themselves to fellowship. It is this sharing in common of the work of God in their lives that contributed greatly to their growth – both personally and evangelistically. This series will not only inspire you to recognize God’s grace in your life each day but also teach you how to effectively influence others for God’s kingdom. |Listen Online.

The Good Life

One thing that all people desire is happiness and contentment. It drives them to do what they do. We often think we need a certain environment like a house, job, beach or even people to fulfill our lives, but really we just seek what we think those things will do for us and how they will make us feel. Psalms 16:11 reads, “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” There is a divine embrace that will leave you changed. It will satisfy your soul like nothing else. It will consume your life and reveal the emptiness of what this world has to offer. This series will teach you how to experience the true joy and pleasure that can only be found in God. |Listen Online.

Jesus Awareness

There is much talk these days about drawing awareness to various ills in our world. While some of these do contribute to proactive work to eliminate evil, others actually result in a greater personal consciousness of problems – allowing them to take root in the mind and body. We are instructed to be well-versed in what is good and simple concerning evil. This teaching series will help you to develop a living consciousness of the resurrected Christ in your life and thereby enjoy what has already been provided in Him. |Listen Online.

True Worship

With many things in life, there is both the real and the counterfeit. With worship this same pattern holds true. Jesus said that the Father is seeking a certain type of person to worship Him. This means many things to many people, but what we must discover is what it means to God. Only then can we become true worshippers. In this dynamic series we take a look at what really glorifies God and how we can participate in this amazing relationship. The end result is a greater connection to the one who gives us life and grace continually.
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More Than Anything

Many people try to serve God with a casual attitude. They never get serious about matters of importance. We are told in scripture that when we seek God more than anything else we will not be disappointed. This series will teach you to recognize what God calls holy and should be given a special place in your life. You will learn to live without considering alternatives to the Lord.
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Power Gone Sour

Over the years there have been many well-known men and women of God who have fallen into sin – but were used mightily of God in the middle of it. This teaching, taken from the life of Samson, will teach the importance of both the anointing and the character needed to sustain it.  | Listen Online.

Spiritual Growth

The Bible speaks of different levels of spiritual growth as compared to the natural physical growth of a baby to an adult. How is your life going? Spiritually speaking, is it going up or down? Are you getting better or worse? Are you growing worse, weary or wanton? Is your love for God growing cold or getting stronger each day? Join us for a dynamic series that will challenge you to make spiritual progress and enjoy the benefits of maturity.
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Life Changes

Have you ever wished you could go back and do some things different in your life? Is there anything you would like to erase – and therefore not be defined by going forward? Join us for a powerful new series as we celebrate life changes in our midst and encourage those who need to know that life changes. This is what God specializes in. He does the impossible.  He makes new what man is ready to through away. He is the Savior, Healer, and Forgiver. He makes all things new! Come check it out…and bring a friend!
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Can You Hear Me Now

What would a relationship be like without communication? Many people try to live a Christian life without two-way communication with God. It was never designed to be that way. The Bible gives us some amazing insights into how we can have such a dynamic connection with God that it literally changes circumstances around us.  We have both a legal right and a relational access to ask and get what we pray for.  This is the heart of God – that we take advantage of the sacrifice of Jesus and receive all that He promised.
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Completing Your Course

While many don’t realize there is a designated course for their lives, others have either not begun or have gotten off track.  If a person is ever to complete their course, they must know what it is, and have the strength, wisdom, and perseverance to continue until the end.  This teaching will inspire and propel you forward to a life of purpose and value.
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True Love

Although God’s love for us is a constant and nothing can separate us from it, we are still told to keep ourselves in this love. Do you know what God thinks about you? The benefits to abiding in His love are great! Listen Online. 

Unbelief ~ The Ultimate Blessing Blocker

Jesus was basically shut down in his hometown.  There is also a way for you to stop God’s power and blessings from effecting your life.  You may experience small blessings but be hindering the really good stuff.
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More Blessed

The blessing of God is available to all and can be accessed by faith.  This begins by doing the right thing with what God calls the least – our money.  This foundation sets us up to enter into the true riches that He provides.
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The Goodness of God ~ In a Very Bad World

A failure to see that God is good will put a wedge between you and Him.  God has been falsely accused of many things but when seen clearly, each person will be drawn closer to Him.
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Throughout history, those who led extraordinary lives were those who became convinced of something.  They knew what needed to be done.  They were persuaded as to what they were supposed to do.  This removes condemnation and enables bold forward steps.
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What Grace Is Not

Like with many Bible truths, people have a tendency to get leave the “middle of the road” and get off into a ditch.  This first of a two part teaching will explain some of the errors that some have gotten into with the message of grace.
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What you want in life is a very big key to what you will get.  Those who seek find.  If one seeks and finds what is good, life will get better.  Whatever a person is full of will be the source of their fulfillment or “thrill” in life.
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It’s Already Done

Because of so much misunderstanding of the finished work of Christ and the present tense possession of redemption, many believers are waiting on God.  Their error is in thinking their victory will come.  All we need is already a finished work.
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This not That

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end leads to death.  As we adapt our thinking and behavior to match God’s, we find what is better.  His loving kindness is better than anything we could ever experience in life without it.
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Close – Drawing Near to God

Your relationship with God is not your idea.  Every positive step we have made toward Him was initiated by Him.  He knew us before we were born and has drawn us to Himself.  Now when we draw near to Him, He is invited to come close to us.
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Vision 2012

There are laws that govern both the physical and spiritual realms.  One of those is what can be called, “seedtime and harvest” or “sowing and reaping.”  This message will prepare you to believe and receive God’s best for the coming year.
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Ready for Launch

Preparation is key to success and necessary to experience our full potential.  God’s plan for growth in His church is tied to each person being in the right place and doing their share.
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Walk this Way

Numerous scriptures in the Bible instruct us as to how we are to walk. Many have existed with a limp or even a crawl.   Walking in unity with others in the Body of Christ is of primary importance to the Lord.
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All Access Pass

When the life of God manifests in a person’s life, they will experience health, prosperity, wisdom, peace and much more.  It is the quality of life as God has it.
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10th Anniversary

Saturday August 27 – Wednesday August 31, 2011.
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First Principles

There are certain principles that are designated as “first” and must be given priority so that we can move on into those truths that will bring us to maturity.
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All In

Many people today are very quick to disconnect from one obligation and move on to something else.  The believer’s in the early church had a self devotion to the things of God and didn’t require a continual external motivation.
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Forgiveness of sin and the healing of the body go hand in hand.  Over and over again in scripture we see these two put together.  Jesus took one just as much as the other.  We must never separate the two, making it hard for people to be healed.
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Picked to Produce

From the very beginning God has desired that mankind bear fruit. This is much different from just going to church or being saved. Many people waste their life away with nothing to show for it but God will help you to be productive!
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Passion Points

We should all do what we do for a reason as opposed to being blown through life by the winds of our surroundings. At Life Church we value certain things. Being grounded in the word of God is a necessary part of experiencing the life of God in your life.
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Growing Up

God has given us the necessary ministry gifts and word to cause growth. Perpetual immaturity is a big problem in the lives of some. This teaching will help you to see the value and potential of maturity.
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Living by Faith

Many have not recognized the need to live by faith – at all times and in all areas of life.  They have become accustomed to living a natural sight-led life because they lack a consciousness of the unseen.
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Improving Your Serve

We are told multiple times in the Word of God to use our freedom to serve God and one another.  When a person doesn’t do this, either others must work overtime or some of the work of God will go undone.
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Humility – Descending Higher

Pride is one of the things that the Bible says God hates.  Therefore, we should hate it too.  We are instructed in the New Testament to be clothed with humility.  The humble get more of God’s grace.  They go up while the proud fall.
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Priority Principle

A basic principle in the Kingdom of God and Christian life is that some things must take precedence over others.  Our natural tendency is to put our own interests before God’s.  This greatly hinders His plan to bless us.| Listen online.

Jesus Hates Empty Seats

Have you ever wondered what things Jesus doesn’t like?  What many people haven’t considered are those empty seats that will be in many good churches this weekend.  Jesus taught us that we should compel people to come that His house may be filled.| Listen online.

Rules Of Grace

Many people today do not really know the differences between the old and new covenants.  This cripples their ability to accurately understand the Bible and walk in its benefits.| Listen online.


Many people believe that the negative junk they experience in life is not related to their choices – that stuff just happened to them.  The Word of God tells us that it is up to us whether we have life or death in our lives.| Listen online.

Faith For Finances

Looking at ourselves and financial challenges only serves to hinder our faith.  It is necessary for us to magnify the Lord – seeing Him as limitless and abounding toward us as our Provider! | Listen online.

Made Of Honor

In order to honor God, one must honor His plan which begins with His Word. | Listen online.

Won By One

The reality of eternity – both heaven and hell – needs to be known by all people.  The heart of the Father, as revealed in His word, is that all be saved.  We cannot continue to live as if all is well with those around us. | Listen online.

True Or False

Many today live as if right and wrong are relative to personal preference or point of view.  However, the fact is that some things are always true while others are always false.  This is a must hear message for our time. | Listen online.

The Making Of A Marriage

The foundation of having a great marriage is in understanding that the institution is ordained of God and knowing why He designed it.  In this message, learn the 4 main reasons why people should get married. | Listen online.

The Dynamic Duo

Many believe that what happens on earth is all about what God decides to do and we just go along for the ride.  In reality, He is waiting on us to act so the Holy Spirit can help us get it done. | Listen online.

No Other Gods

God wants an exclusive relationship with you.  He is not interested in sharing you with some other “god.”  Idol worship is alive and well in the 21st century but must not be a part of our lives. | Listen online.

Knowing God

There are great benefits to knowing God.  This is quite different from knowing about God or just understanding kingdom principles.  There is an intimacy that God wants with us. |Listen online.

The Church

Many people have misconceptions about some of the most fundamental elements of Christianity.  This message deals with the Church and defines, from God’s perspective, what it is. | Listen online.

How To Be Happy And Enjoy Life

Many people have misconceptions about some of the most fundamental elements of Christianity.  This message deals with the Church and defines, from God’s perspective, what it is. | Listen online.

Getting Control Of Your Life

It is not possible to control your life without controlling your mind.  A person can never think one way and go another.  The way that God rules in us is for us to purposefully and willfully submit what is in our control to Him. | Listen online.

Vision Of Victory

The vision that we have is where we are headed.  If I have a vision of victory, I will experience that victory in my future.  In Christ, we are caused to always triumph. | Listen online.

The eyes of your understanding

One of the basic realites of the Christian life is the past tense nature of our redemption.  The great spiritual battle in the earth today is all about an understanding of truth.  When you know it, you are free! | Listen online.

The Glory Of God

Any person who has had a taste of God’s glory desires more.  This glory can manifest in various ways but is contingent upon our believing. | Listen online.

Your Future

We all have a future.  What it consists of is really up to us.  God has a plan and purpose for every person.  If we will seek to hear a word from God and then have faith to obey it, our lives will be dramatically altered. | Listen online.

Taking off the Limits

Many people have not realized that the attitude and faith with which they respond to God will determine the degree of victory they experience.  When God speaks, respond to Him fully doing everything with all your heart. | Listen online.

The Love Of God

Before a person can properly show love for another person, they must truly know and believe the love that God has for them.  This love is not fickle or undermined by failure. |Listen online.

All Kinds Of Prayer

Before teaching on the different kinds of prayer and how they work, Pastor Mark deals with common misconceptions about prayer explaining what prayer is not.  Did you know, for example, that prayer is not an all encompassing solution to all problems? | Listen online.

Exalting A Nation

If we want our nation to be exalted, we must make righteousness the main thing we look for in our voting decisions.  When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked rule the people groan. | Listen online.

How To Go Broke

There are laws that govern finance that can be put into practice by anyone.  You can prosper or go broke – it is up to you! | Listen online.

Healing Messages

Many people don’t realize that whether or not they are healed is not a matter of God choosing to or not to heal.  There are laws that govern the kingdom of God.  If we will learn them and cooperate with them, the power of God will flow to us every time. | Listen online.