Love. Friendship. Acceptance

They are essential needs for a fulfilling, satisfied life. At Life Church, we believe one way to meet those needs is by living life in community.

Through Life Groups, you can connect with people who love to explore the Sawtooth mountains of our beautiful state, who are hungry for more spiritual wisdom and revelation, and who see you as family.

This fall, don’t forsake the assembling of yourselves. But as iron sharpens iron, let’s come together and grow, cry and laugh as family.

Bill Thomas
Life Groups Pastor




A Life Group is an intentional gathering of people on a regular basis where you can connect with others who share your interests, who are in a similar stage of life, or who have experience in an area where you would like coaching.


Life Groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others, and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life with each other is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why Life Groups exist — to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.


It is through doing life together that our problems become smaller, and God uses others to bring healing, support and encouragement to our lives — whether we realize we need it or not. Your Life Group will quickly become a place where others don’t just know your name but care about what is happening in your life. It is your opportunity to be used of God to bring these elements into the lives of others. Some are designed for men, women, youth, etc., while others focus on marriage and family or another specific interest. With a variety to choose from, we know you will find the perfect fit.


Groups meet weekly, biweekly or once a month on the days and times of their choosing.


Use the Life Groups Sign Up form linked below to find the group that is right for you.


7 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: 1st week
@ Overland Rd. & Maple Grove Rd., Boise

Meeting friends with animals. Learning together
about God’s creatures. Taking pet dogs to dog- friendly places to meet people and talk about God.

Group leader: Brenda Raaen

6 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks
@ Eagle Rd. & ID-55, Eagle

Our group’s focus is to give empty-nester-age couples new to Life Church an opportunity to meet other Life Church couples in this season of life. We share a themed potluck meal and then gather after the meal for fun conversation, discussion and prayer.

Group leaders: Randy & Michelle Leverett

Time, day & location: TBD

Meets: 1st week
Childcare provided

Gathering to watch football. Schedule depends on game times. Families welcome.

Group leaders: Eric & Michelle Hoidal

6 p.m. Saturdays

Meets: 4th week
@ Locust Grove Rd. & Chinden Blvd., Meridian

We will meet once a month for an international potluck and fellowship directed towards personal growth and reaching other nationalities within our valley.

Group leaders: Alex & Lyuba Galenko

6:30 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks @ Meridian

We will watch a series by Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons teaching on God’s principles of living debt free. This will be followed by discussion, fellowship and

Group leaders: Gene & Cathie Schock

6 p.m. Sundays

Meets: 2nd week
@ Ustick Rd. & Cloverdale Rd., Boise

Join us for a potluck and fellowship, as we develop
friendships, study the Bible, encourage and pray for each other, and share our victories in Christ.

Group leader: Galina Nasteka

7:30 p.m. Mondays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks
@ Fairview Ave. & Cloverdale Rd., Boise

Attract Spanish-speaking members of Life Church to work together within the Hispanic community of the Treasure Valley to draw them to Christ. Practice fellowship, support each other in prayer, read the Bible and discuss its teachings, and collaborate as a group in Life Church activities. Non-Hispanic members and friends who understand Spanish and want to practice it (or not forget it) are always welcome!

Group leaders: Fred & Angie Ferber

Time, day & location: TBD

CLOSED group!
Meets: 1st week

Community of worship and media.

Group leader: Joe Argon


1:30–3 p.m. Tuesdays

Meets: every week @ Mallard Pointe Apartments Community Room, Garden City

Study of the book of Revelation using Tim LaHaye’s book “The Book of Revelation Made Clear.” Study, prayer, praise reports
and fellowship.

Group leader: Helen Falsani

6:30–8:30 p.m. Tuesdays

Meets: every week @ State St. & Star Rd., Star

Renewing the mind in God’s Word for the spirit and soul, and healthy recipes for the body. Couples, singles and all ages are welcome (no children).

Group leader: Sheila Wright

7 p.m. Fridays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks @ Linder Rd. & Chinden Blvd., Meridian Childcare provided

Jesus said, “Until I come, the works I do you shall do also.” This study will address: rightly dividing the ministry of Jesus; if
Jesus thought like God, so must we; being a son of God; acting on His behalf; and the empowerment of the body of Christ.

Group leaders: Wade & Jillian Moore

7–9 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: every week @ Curt & Gayle Johanson’s home

Are you living the triumphant, overcoming
life that you should expect as a child of God? Or are you allowing recurring sin, doubt and unbelief to maintain a
stronghold in your life? Come open the Scriptures with us and learn to live in the victorious life Christ has restored to us. Regardless of your struggles, this group is for you. Past jail or prison history? Working on recovery? Join us for fellowship, worship, the Word and prayer (Acts 2:42).

Group leaders: Curt & Gayle Johanson


6 p.m. Fridays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks Location: TBD Childcare provided

Childcare is provided at Life Church, and couples will join together at a restaurant for date night. Come join us for fellowship, fun, food and more!

Group leader: Doug Helton

6–8:30 p.m. Sundays

Meets: biweekly (7 sessions) starting Sept. 24 @ Ten Mile Rd. & Cherry Ln., Meridian Limited to 12 registrants

Longing for a marriage with more harmony and less con ict? Identify the sources of missteps and learn what you can do about it. Learn tools that will help you to be heard, resolve relational issues, and aid you in becoming one another’s deepest supporter and dearest ally. Material will be based on the “How We Love” video series by Milan and Kay Yerkovich. $40 fee per individual, or $60 fee per couple, is required at sign-up or first meeting. Includes all course materials (audio set, textbook and workbook).

Group leader: Roger DeAmicis

6:30 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks
@ Locust Grove Rd. & Chinden Blvd., Meridian

We will meet to have group discussions about how to build strong and happy marriages using God’s simple truths.

Group leaders: Alex & Lyuba Galenko


8 a.m. Thursdays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks
@ Steve’s Cafe on Fairview Ave., Meridian

For men to get together to break bread and get to know each other better.

Group leader: Bill Thomas

7–8 a.m. Fridays

Meets: every week
@ Life Church (Living Room)

Men’s fellowship and growth, and application of God’s Word! And, of course, coffee!

Group leader: Kerry Baxter


6 p.m. Thursdays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks @ Life Church

Bringing people together who have a desire to see the church activated in missions internationally. We will pray, plan and participate in missions, and
support missions.

Group leader: Nate Evanko

10:30 a.m. Saturdays

Meets: every week @ Lucky Perk near Overland Rd. & Eagle Rd., Meridian

Has God placed an outreach ministry on your heart? Join together with other outreach-oriented people to learn how to
get started in a very practical way. We will work together to bless our community and help you ful ll the calling placed on your heart. We will read the book “Servolution” by Dino Rizzo as we start on this journey.

Group leader: Victoria Pedraza


7 p.m. Sundays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks Location: TBA

Team prayer for Africa mission trip.

Group leader: Bill Thomas

6:30 p.m. Tuesdays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks
Location: Fairview Ave. & Cloverdale Rd., Boise

We will be studying “The Blessing of the Lord,” by Kenneth Copeland.

Group leaders: Bruce & Sheila Thomson


6–8 p.m. Fridays

Meets: every week @ River Point Apartments Clubhouse, Garden City

Activities and Bible study for singles, ages 35 and older.

Group leader: Bernadette Almeida


11 a.m. Thursdays

CLOSED group!
Meets: every week
@ Life Church (Sahara Room)

A group exclusively for full-time or part-time support staff of Life Church. We meet weekly to communicate, educate and organize, and to inspire and encourage one another.

Group leader: Shannon Roure

6–8 p.m. Saturdays

Meets: biweekly (7 sessions) starting Sept. 23 @ Ten Mile Rd. & Cherry Ln., Meridian

Small group for parents of teens. “Reaching the Heart of Your Teen” looks at the many factors that make up living
with a teenager and provides proven tools that help build healthy relationships that last a lifetime. $35 fee per individual, or $45 fee per couple, is required at sign-up or rst meeting. Includes all course materials (audio set, textbook and workbook).

Group leader: Roger DeAmicis

7 p.m. Sundays

Working through Dave Ramsey’s “Total
Money Makeover” book and workbook. Meet together to become better stewards of God’s provisions and assist one
another in nancial freedom. All welcome no matter where you are currently financially.

Group leader: Pete Tomchak


10 a.m. — noon Thursdays

Meets: every week @ Life Church (Living Room) Childcare provided

Sisters in the Lord meeting together, contending for the truth on topics relating to areas in personal life, spiritual life, or life in our culture. There is power in women getting together, sharing life in the
Spirit. Sisterhood rocks!

Group leader: Dianne Mayer

6 p.m. Tuesdays

Meets: 3rd week @ Ustick Rd. & Cloverdale Rd., Boise

We will fellowship over a light meal, develop new friendships, encourage and pray for each other, and exchange our testimonies and recipes.

Group leader: Galina Nasteka

9 a.m. Thursdays

Meets: every week @ Life Church (The Clubhouse)

Stay committed to becoming spiritually and physically well and watch God work in your life. Watch God transform your attitude, your energy levels, and your perceptions. The purpose of Faith & Fitness is to learn how to become a better servant for God’s Kingdom. All fitness levels are welcome.

Group leader: Kelly Verly

Noon Thursdays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks @ Boise
Childcare provided

Potluck and sharing about Pastor Mark’s sermons. Bring a snack to share.

Group leader: Tabrie Argon

10 a.m. Thursdays

Meets: 1st & 3rd weeks @ Eagle Rd. & Victory Rd., Meridian

We will get together to enjoy each other’s company and discuss what makes a home. Childcare will be on a need basis.

Group leader: Amy Boer

6:30–8:30 p.m. Mondays

Meets: 2nd week @ Life Church (The Clubhouse) Childcare provided

A women’s group with the passion of intensifying the ame of the Holy Spirit through the personal love of the Father and discovering the extraordinary divine nature within His women through the life of Jesus. We will be going through the one-year devotional “Women of the Bible” to bring out your instinctive ability to live life well!

Group leader: Diana Finnigan

Young Adults

10 a.m. Saturdays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks Location: TBA

We desire to see young ladies walk boldly and con dently in who God has made them to be, without looking to the right or left, comparing themselves, and diminishing the gifts God has placed inside of them. We want to encourage and lift up each and every girl to walk in and own their rare and beautiful gifts.

Group leader: Ashley Crandall

7–8:30 p.m. Sundays

Meets: 2nd & 4th weeks @ Five Mile Rd. & Amity Rd., Boise

Meet for snacks, fellowship and a group discussion of an important topic relating to this world and our faith.

Group leader: Brett Murrell

Time, day & location: TBD

Activities group.

Group leader: P.J. Hoeper


7 p.m. Wednesdays

Meet: 1st & 3rd weeks @ Life Church (Youth Center) 6th – 12th grade.

The following Life Groups are under the ministry of ReaLife Youth. We meet twice a month during our Wednesday night services at Life Church. We also meet for fun activities once a month outside of the church. For more info, contact Pastor P.J. Hoeper.

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