It’s Not All About Me

“What did you get out of church today?”

This is a common question we ask one another or at least ponder in our own mind. Is it a good question? Yes. In fact, if someone is regularly attending church services and they are not receiving knowledge, inspiration, and experiences with God – useful for their own spiritual growth and a better life, they ought to reevaluate. However, that is not the only question worth asking. In fact, if that is the only qualifier of time well spent in church, it is severely lacking. Consider that you are not the only one that is supposed to “get something.”

First, Jesus told us that the Father is seeking those who would worship Him in spirit and in truth. Maybe we should ask, “Did the Father get anything out of my presence today?” Not just, was I blessed by Him, but was He blessed by me?

Second, What about the other people? Did they benefit at all from your church attendance? Was anyone else better off because you were there? I’m talking about serving, praying for others, or simply being an encouragement to someone. Would someone ever leave a service with disappointment, not because they feel the same as when they came, but because other aspects of the gathering were not accomplished?

Consider that there are multiple pieces of the “church pie” and not just that of personal benefit. We live in a consumer driven society, but let’s remember…and maybe say it out loud, “It’s not all about me.”

-Pastor Mark Boer