Create @ Life Church

As we start on this new songwriting journey within the Life Church Worship Ministry, we’re looking to assemble a core team of songwriters tasked with creating new contemporary Christian music for God and the church. The submission email address below is for anyone with a verifiable ability to create music, lyrics, or melodies in the style we are targeting.


Q: Can anyone who has a desire to write music be included on the core songwriting team?

A: In order for this new branch of the worship ministry to be successful, we are looking for serious artists with a verifiable ability to write songs. The door is open to anyone who possesses the necessary skill and ability regardless of age, sex, or instrument played.


Q: Is submitting song samples the only way to join the core songwriting team?

A: We know of no other practical way to screen individuals than to have them demonstrate their abilities before including them on the songwriting team. Allowing anyone to join, regardless of ability, will create more problems in the long run than it will solve in the short term. We believe that being overly inclusive, at least initially, will only hamper the process.


Q: I don’t write contemporary Christian music, I write ______ (fill in your style). Should I submit song samples?

A: We will be focusing on creating music that has the potential of being played during services, which at the moment is contemporary Christian. If you have the desire and ability to contribute in this capacity, please submit song ideas to the address below.


Q: I’d like to contribute, but not in a songwriting capacity? How can I help?

A: Musicians will be needed to play the songs. Singers will be needed to sing the songs. Sound personnel will be needed to record and mix the songs. All are important to the overall success of this new venture. There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to help. More details on this to come! Following are two examples of ideas that would make good submissions for this new project. Please use these as a guide when submitting your own samples.


Example Submission #1:

Why this is a good submission: The song idea has an intro, verse, and chorus with drums, bass, and two guitars playing on it. It’s also mostly fleshed out from a mood perspective, too. Because of the amount of material here, anyone wanting to contribute from a lyric or vocal melody standpoint would have a better idea of what would suit the song. In short, there is a lot already there to use as material when collaborating with others.


Click Here

Why this is a good submission: Though there is no music or singing, the lyrics have all the major components of a song already: title, intro, verse, bridge, and chorus. It also has a fairly consistent theme, appears to be Biblical, and isn’t over complicated in the amount and types of words used. This would make a good starting point for a song. If you want to submit an original vocal melody, please ensure it’s long enough to convey your inspiration and the general vibe of the idea. If you have multiple melodies for the idea (verse & chorus, etc.), that’s even better.


Submission Instructions

Pick a maximum of three ideas (music, lyrics, or melodies) you’ve come up with in the last three months and send them to Please include your name in the submission and any information regarding your idea(s) (inspiration, etc.). All submissions need to be received by 04/05/2018 to be included for consideration.