Life Identity Series

Join us for “The Holy Spirit” at 9:30 a.m. and “Your New Self” at 11:15 a.m. every Sunday in the Living Room. These classes highlight foundational teachings on who we are in Christ and our spiritual inheritance. New or mature in your faith, these classes are sure to bless you!


9:30 a.m. every Sunday

Learn more about who the Holy Spirit is and the role He plays in your life. These classes will open up a whole new, dynamic relationship with the Lord!

Class 1 – Who Is the Holy Spirit and How Can He Help Me?     Class 2 – Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit     Class 3 – What Does It Mean to Pray in My Spiritual Prayer Language?     Class 4 – How to Hear from God


11:15 a.m. every Sunday

Do you know your spiritual inheritance and God’s desire for your life? We’ll help you understand your new identity and how to activate God’s promises for your life.

Class 1 – Identity: Being Born Again     Class 2 – The Father’s Love     Class 3 – God’s Plan     Class 4 – Spiritual Inheritance