Worship Band Auditions

Main Auditorium

time 1:20 pm

Every Second Sunday from

March 20, 2016

It’s our goal and mission to help and allow you to grow in your God given gifts and talents. We’re always looking for more worship leaders, lead guitarists, rhythm guitarists, acoustic guitarists, drummers, bassist, pianists, and back up vocals. Fill out the form below and get in contact with a leader.

About the team: Our number one priority as a ministry is the presence of God. We aren’t looking to have another worship service, but a service where we experience His presence.

Requirements: * #1 and #2 can be done out of order

1. Complete our Growth Track series.

2. Have an audition with one of the leaders.

3. Live a godly lifestyle.

4. Learn your parts.

Rehearsals: We don’t have rehearsals. Due to everyone having different schedules, we value your time along with ours. We believe that if each person does their part in learning the songs, we don’t need to rehears. Our requirement is that each musician and singer learns his/her part to each song for the day they’re scheduled to sing/play and to show up ready.

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